Navy Veterans

Printable PDF Veterans Application

Wiregrass Honor Flight recognizes American veterans for your sacrifices and achievements by flying you to Washington, D.C. to see YOUR memorial at no cost. Top priority (for which we are currently accepting applications) is given to World War II and terminally ill veterans from all wars.

In the future, Wiregrass Honor Flight will be expanded to include Korean War and Vietnam War veterans. In order for Wiregrass Honor Flight Network to achieve this goal, guardians fly with the veterans on every flight providing assistance and helping veterans have a safe, memorable and rewarding experience.

For what you and your comrades have given to us, please consider this a small token of appreciation from all of us at Wiregrass Honor Flight.

Where would this country, or the world for that matter, be without the dedication and services of those young men and women we call American veterans? Throughout history, our nation  has turned to our military to protect others so that we may enjoy the freedoms  that we cherish today. These brave men and women were not making decisions about the right or wrong of war; they were following orders and doing what they were told. We owe so much to these veterans whose sacrifices cannot be captured in a few words, who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country, who carry scars that remain for the rest of their lives.
It is truly Wiregrass Honor Flight's privilege to fly our heroes to Washington, D.C.  to visit and reflect at the memorials built in their honor. Our highest priority is to the aging World War II veterans along with any veteran facing terminal illness. Other veterans such as the Korean War and Vietnam War troops are included in our program and will be addressed in the near future.
If you know of someone who is a World War II veteran or a veteran with a terminal illness, please fill out an application and send it in. And remember, every World War II veteran flies free.

Printable PDF Veterans Application

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